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Cianflone Scientific, a KTC Instruments company, developed the technology to provide accurate, reliable, and portable analysis since 1984.

WDXRF Analyzers

PortaSpec® Series X for Multi-Element Sequential Analysis

PortaSpec® Series X

Cianflone’s PortaSpec® Series X performs multi-element sequential analysis in the range of Titanium to Uranium and is ideal for measuring coating weights of both chrome and titanium pretreatment.


PortaSpec® XRST for Element Analysis in Central Lab

PortaSpec® XLE

Cianflone’s PortaSpec® XRST rapidly and non-destructively analyzes light elements in a central laboratory or in the plant using wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence. The PortaSpec® XRST is able to identify and analyze Aluminum, Silicon, Phosphorous, Chlorine, Potassium, and Calcium.


Lab Sample Preparation Equipment

Electric Arc Button Remelt Furnace

Electric Arc Button Remelt Sample Furnace

The PortaMelt Electric Arc Button Remelt Furnace is used to prepare solid metal samples from odd shape materials. This includes drillings, lathe turnings, welding wire, powder, etc.



Electric Arc Button Remelt Sample Furnace

The PortaMelt Electric Arc Button Remelt Furnace parts are subjected to wear and tear and need occasional replacement or maintenance. We offer a full line of replacement parts and accessories.

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KTC Instruments

In 2019, Cianflone was acquired by KTC Instruments LLC and is now a member of a family of testing and measurement companies which includes King Tester Corporation www.kingtester.com the largest worldwide manufacturer of portable Brinell hardness testers, and Tensitron www.tensitron.com the world’s leading manufacturer of portable tension meters.