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PortaSpec® Series X

Multi-Element Sequential Analysis

PortaSpec® Series X

PortaSpec® Series X Overview

PortaSpec® 2501 Series X is capable of performing multi-element sequential analysis in the range of Ti to U and is ideal for measuring coating weights of both chrome and titanium pretreatment.

Cianflone’s PortaSpec 2501 Series X is similar to the Model 2501 XBT. It contains a rotating goniometer that allows the user to analyze up to five elements, preset sequentially one at a time. Its elemental range is from element #22 titanium to element #92 uranium. With the new sample tray configuration, it allows you to measure a larger range of sample sizes with the same high-quality standards you presently experience from your PortaSpec.

Other benchtop PortaSpec® versions available are Fixed Single Element (FSE) and Multi-Element Sequential (MES) analysis

PortaSpec® Series X Software

Powering Cianflone’s full line of X-Ray Spectrographic Analyzers is PortaSpec® PCS Software—a Windows®-based application that provides excellent records of prior analyses, improves productivity and simplifies analysis. PortaSpec® PCS Software is designed for multiple industries, including tubing and bar stock, mining and minerals, petroleum, high– and low–alloy steel, scrap metals, glass, synthetic and natural fibers, building materials, can, chemical research, alloy research, automotive, nuclear testing.


Fixed Single Element (FSE)

When analysis of a single element is all that is required, the FSE configuration provides a value-engineered solution that is easy on the budget while maintaining the same precision as more expensive units.  While lacking the flexibility to be used on multiple elements, the fixed single element analyzer performs at the same high level of precision and provides accurate results targeted to single element analysis.

Dual Element (DE)

Dual Analysis is a good solution for customers targeted two known elements and provides an excellent solution at the highest levels of precision attainable.  While limited to two elements, the dual element analyzer gives the same accurate and reliable results that PortaSpec® products are known for worldwide.

Multi-Element Sequential (MES)

PortaSpec® MES is the most versatile and flexible of the  PortaSpec® family of WDXRF analyzers. The  MES Analyzer is capable of performing multi-element sequential analysis in the range of Titanium to Uranium and is ideal for measuring coating weights of both chrome and titanium pretreatment and providing the flexibility to transition from one element to other elements at the touch of a button.

Cianflone’s benchtop PortaSpec® MES Analyzer contains a rotating goniometer that allows the user to analyze up to five elements and can be preset sequentially one at a time. An easy load two-position sample holder is an integrated part of the analyzer.  The PortaSpec® MES Analyzer is configured for analyzing liquids, powders, solids, and thin films. Analysis speed is increased by being able to change samples at the open end of the holder while the other preloaded sample is being analyzed.

Included Items

  • PC Interface with Internal Mini-Computer/Hard Drive
  • Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse
  • Electric Water Cooler and Circulator
  • HDMI Connection to Monitor for Real- Time Review and Operation of the Software
  • Software training and upgrades for up to a year are included with your PortaSpec® purchase.

PortaSpec® Series X Specifications

  • Bragg Angle Range 13 to 98 degrees; Two Theta
  • Analyzing Crystal Lithium Fluoride (200)
  • Element Range Kα 22-47 (Ti to Ag)
  • Element Range Lα 56-92 (Ba to U)
  • Collimators 20 mil Divergent (Source)
  • 10 mil Receiving (Detector)
  • X-ray Source X-Ray Tube, Tungsten Target, Beryllium Window
  • X-ray Tube Voltage 10, 20, or 30 kV Constant Potential
  • X-ray Tube Voltage Regulation plus/minus 1% for plus/minus 10% line voltage variation
  • X-ray Tube Current 0 to 5 mA – Adjustable
  • Detector Tube Sealed Proportional
  • Detector Supply 2700 VDC Max. (Adjustable)
  • Digital Scaler and Timer-Integrated Counting Range: 1 to 999,999
  • Timer Range: 1 to 990 seconds
  • Lamps X-Ray On
  • Voltage Requirements
    • 115 Volts AC, 50 or 60 Hertz
    • 230 Volts AC, 50 or 60 Hertz
    • Single Phase, 300 watts
    • Line Regulation Required ± 5%
  • Dimensions and Weight
    • PortaSpec: 18″ Long, 14″ Wide, 13″ High, 56 lbs.
    • Water Circulator: 10″ Long, 10.5″ Wide, 13″ High, 10 lbs. empty


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