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Cianflone Scientific, founded in 1984 by Robert Cianflone, played a significant role in developing the technology to provide portable elemental analysis capabilities using WDXRF technology. Since 1984, Cianflone products have provided precise on-site chemical analysis and coating thickness measurements across many industries including steel, aluminum, automotive, aerospace, mining, and petroleum.

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Cianflone Scientific | coating thickness measurement wdxrf technologyFeaturedIn the News
November 5, 2021

Coating Thickness Measurement – WDXRF Technology

Coating Thickness Measurement - WDXRF1 Technology Coating thickness measurement is an essential factor for manufacturing industries due to coating’s essential role in product quality, process control, and cost control. Defective or substandard…
What is Metal Coating? | Cainflone ScientificFeaturedIn the News
October 20, 2021

What is Metal Coating and Why is it Important?

What is Metal Coating and Why is it Important? The term coating—which is sometimes referred to as passivation—means adding a layer of any substance and spreading it over a surface…
FeaturedIn the News
August 20, 2021

Metal Coating Techniques

Metal Coating Techniques Types of metal coating techniques There is a range of metal coating techniques used for coating the surface substrate. Hot-dip technique Hot-dipping refers to the method where…

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Core Industries & Worldwide Application

Companies worldwide depend on Cianflone Scientific to provide efficient and effective, portable elemental analysis, coating thickness measurements and sample preparation.

Tubing & Bar Stock

Knowing the elemental composition of metals helps manufacturers and consumers make better decisions. By using PortaSpec® WDXRF analyzers metal companies and users can eliminate uncertainty and reduce risk, while enhancing consistency and ensuring quality is maintained at desired levels.

Mining & Minerals

PortaSpec® WDXRF analyzers help reduce waste and improve the consistency of material delivered to customers. PortaSpec® quickly and precisely determines the presence and quantity of elements in samples, which then helps mining and mineral companies determine the appropriate value of the material and the potential uses.


The elements found in the output-stream of refined petroleum affect the performance characteristics of the product and bi-products. PortaSpec® analyzers help producers and users determine and ensure consistent composition and value.

High & Low -Alloy Steel

Performance of metal alloys are highly dependent on the elemental composition of the alloy. Precision in determining the composition by using PortaSpec® technology can determine its value and identify contaminants that could have adverse effects. Common applications include the addition of rust preventative elements into steel alloys and strengthening characteristics added to aluminum.

Scrap Metals

The value of recycled products depends on the elements found in the products that are being recycled. Creating high-quality specimens allows you to identify the presence of distinct elements which have varied applications. Cianflone’s PortaMelt Electric Arc Button Remelt Furnace provides a high-quality specimen for use in spectrographic elemental analysis.


Measuring elements in the sand used to make glass helps manufacturers assure quality and consistency. Contaminants to glass can have negative consequences and knowing the elements by using a PortaSpec® analyzer provides manufacturers opportunities to improve and maintain production process consistency and final product performance.

Synthetic & Natural Fibers

When natural fibers are combined to create products such as paper, additional performance characteristics can be achieved by using additives that are layered onto the fibers, or in the case of nano applications, into the fiber’s atomic structure. As more additives are added, the ability to detect the presence of elements at an atomic level using PortaSpec® technology is integral to the success and performance of the product.

Building Materials

Materials such as cement, roofing, and curtain walls are vital components within the building industry. Strength and durability are the result of proper elemental composition of all materials that make up each component. Engineers rely on PortaSpec® WDXRF Analyzers to quickly ensure quality control standards.

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“I wanted to thank you and your staff at Cianflone. They were very helpful at getting us trained and the machinery is outstanding.”

Scott FassingerMetallurgical Engineer at U.S. Steel

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