Our Philosophy

Cianflone Scientific | Our Philosophy

Behind every Cianflone product

is the pride and expertise of our people.

Our heritage and our philosophy are rooted in the hard work ethic of Pittsburgh and we seek to perpetuate the ideals of our founder by hiring only people with a passion for excellence and a persistent drive to serve our customers.

We start with innovation and are dedicated to bringing the best possible solutions we can to our customers’ needs.  We tirelessly re-examine our products, processes, and services to look for ways to continually improve.

We believe products designed, manufactured, and serviced in the USA hold to the highest quality levels achievable, and when we source components we commit to the same quality standards.

Relentless improvement is in our DNA.  Good enough is never sufficient whether we are re-evaluating the functionality of our products or looking at ways to better support customers through improved service practices.  

We commit to our customers that we will deliver the highest value product and stand behind the products we offer with an engaged and well-trained support team.

We value our customers, our vendors, and the outstanding individuals we work with each day.

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