The PortaMelt Electric Arc Button Remelt Furnace Increases the Efficiency in the Scrap Metal Industry


Every metal has unique properties with the potential of being recycled, reused, and recreated into new products.

Cianflone Scientific’s PortaMelt Electric Arc Button Remelt Furnace is one of the leading machines to make the scrap metal industry more efficient. From a sample of scrap metal, the PortaMelt creates a homogonous button sample within 60 seconds. This small metal button will then be tested to reveal the elemental properties of the scrap metal. Once the elements have been identified, then the scrap metal can be recycled and repurposed.

The PortaMelt is a low-cost and low-maintenance machine that is an integral part of the recycling production process. With the abundance of scrap metal, the PortaMelt makes the process of recycling unknown metals more efficient and cost-effective.

What is scrap metal?

The most visible scrap metal can be seen in junkyards. There, the metals are sorted and organized, but the elemental composition is still unknown for repurposing. This unknown factor of scrap metal is also true for large manufacturing facilities.

To recycle the scrap metal, the composition of the scrap metal must be known; is there copper, steel, or possibly aluminum? Knowing the elements is key to recycling.

The PortaMelt Electric Arc Button Furnace is the perfect solution to create a sample to be analyzed.

The challenges of testing metal scrap

To test scrap metal, a solid, homogenous sample is required for a consistent result. The PortaMelt was built to melt scrap metal to 3600°F to achieve this homogenous sample.

How are samples tested?

Once a homogenous sample is made from scrap metal, testing of the elemental components can begin.

There are two ways to analyze the scrap sample – either analyze the sample button with X-ray fluorescence (XRF) or by using optical emission spectroscopy (OES) analysis. Both procedures for analysis require a homogenous sample so the machine can sort and identify the types of material in the sample.

Why is the quality of scrap metal important?

When elemental testing is complete, the quality can be assessed. The elements found in scrap metal have different elemental compositions, which will determine the recycling process and repurposing usage.

Why use a PortaMelt Electric Arc Button Furnace for scrap metal testing?

The metal recycling industry is an alternative to discarding metal waste and helps to reduce mining.  By using the PortaMelt, the process to recycle is more cost-effective. The PortaMelt can even be customized to the customer’s needs.

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“We make melting samples easy.”