Why Iron Content Analysis is Important in Glass Manufacturing

Cianflone Scientific helps to ensure quality in glass manufacturing processes.

Our lives depend on glass products, including the windows in our houses, the shatterproof windshields in our cars, and the screens on our televisions and cell phones. Each type of glass has a specific purpose and characteristics. 

The primary ingredients in glass are sand, limestone, and soda ash. Sand contains iron, which significantly adds to the integrity of the glass. In conjunction with the primary ingredients, there may be additional materials added to the glass mixture, but the core mixture, especially the iron content, is essential for the durability of the glass. 

Purpose of Quality Check

To ensure the quality and functionality of the glass product, the glass compound must be analyzed, and Cianflone Scientific has a process to ensure the content quality of the sand for the glass mixture.

Cianflone Scientific’s PortaSpec® precisely measures the iron content in the mixture. Knowing the exact iron content allows manufacturers to guarantee they are using the correct iron blend before manufacturing their product. 

In addition to iron content analysis in glass mixtures, Cianflone Scientific also has processes to analyze solids, liquids, powders, thin film, and pretreatment coatings. Please contact Cianflone Scientific to see how the PortaSpec WDXRF Spectrograph works.