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About Cianflone

Cianflone Scientific, founded in 1984 by Robert Cianflone, developed technology to provide portable element analysis capabilities using WDXRF technology.  Since 1984, Cianflone products have provided precise on-site chemical analysis and coating thickness measurements across many industries including steel, aluminum,  automotive, aerospace, mining, and petroleum.

Cianflone is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we serve customers worldwide, supported by international distributors in Europe, Canada, Asia-Pacific, South America, and South Africa.

In 2019, Cianflone was acquired by KTC Instruments LLC and is now a member of a family of testing and measurement companies which includes King Tester Corporation the largest worldwide manufacturer of portable Brinell hardness testers and Tensitron the world’s leading manufacturer of portable tension meters.

Our products are available for demonstrations and user/operator training.

Behind every Cianflone product is the pride and expertise of our people.

How Our Portaspecs Work

The PortaSpec applies power to an x-ray tube which in turn excites elements in the sample. The resulting energy is guided through a collimator on to an analyzing crystal that separates the elements by their  wavelength. The wavelength energy is then guided through an upper collimator and into a detector tube where the resutls are measured and compiled in the PortaSpec softwwre for results and further analysis.


Principles of Operation