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Portaspec® for Light Element Analysis in Central Lab


Portaspec Model 2501XLE

The Portaspec is designed to fill a need for an instrumental technique that could rapidly and non-destructively analyze light elements in a central laboratory or in the plant using wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence. It has the ability to analyze powders and solids with its included single position sample holder. It has a single element option for Al, Si, P, S, Cl, K, Ca, or Zr and can measure Zirconium or Phosphorus pretreatment.

It is operated by a PC Notebook Computer, complete with Windows®-based preinstalled Software.

Portaspec for Light Element Analysis in Central Lab

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  • Bragg Angle Range 13 to 98 degrees; Two Theta
  • Analyzing Crystal Lithium Fluoride (200)
  • Element Range Ka 22-47 (Ti to Ag)
  • Element Range La 56-92 (Ba to U)
  • Collimators 20 mil Divergent (Source)
  • 10 mil Receiving (Exit)
  • X-ray Source X-Ray Tube, Tungsten Target, Beryllium Window
  • X-ray Tube Voltage 30 kV Constant Potential
  • X-ray Tube Voltage Regulation plus/minus 1% for plus/minus 10% line voltage variation
  • X-ray Tube Current 0 to 5 mA – Adjustable
  • Detector Tube Sealed Proportional
  • Detector Supply 0-2700 VDC Max. (Adjustable)
  • Digital Scaler and Timer Counting Range: 1 to 999,999
  • Timer Range: 1 to 990 seconds
  • Lamps X-Ray On
  • Supply Requirements 115 Volts AC,  60 Hz, 300 Volts
  • Optional 230 Volts, Single Phase, 50 Hz
  • Two-Position Sample Holder
  • Dimensions and Weight: Power Supply 18″ Long, 14″ Wide, 13″ High, 59 lbs.    Probe Head:  12″ Long, 3-1/2″ Wide, 9″ High, 14 lbs.

Included Items:

  • Electric Water Coolant and Circulator
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Windows®-based Notebook Computer
  • PC Interface and Preinstalled Software