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Portaspec® for Assay and Bulk Material Identification

Model 2501X-2

The Portaspec X-ray Spectrograph is a very accurate, lightweight and portable instrument. Its design enables the use of x-ray analysis for such varied applications as on-site assaying and in-plant bulk material identification — without cutting samples. This versatile analyzer can be used either in the field, or as a complete laboratory system with its multi-element sequential analysis capabilities.The Portaspec can be applied to odd shapes such as castings, tubing, bars, and sheets that normally cannot fit into sample compartments. It can analyze powders and liquids with the appropriate optional holders.

The Portaspec is operated by a PC Notebook Computer, complete with Windows®-based preinstalled Software.

Easy to operate, Portapec provides fast on-the-spot, non-destructive elemental analysis and can be adapted to special on-line applications.

Portaspec for Assay and Bulk Material Identification

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  • Bragg Angle Range 13 to 98 degrees; Two Theta
  • Analyzing Crystal Lithium Fluoride (200)
  • Element Range Ka 22-47 (Ti to Ag)
  • Element Range La 56-92 (Ba to U)
  • Collimators 20 mil Divergent (Source)
  • 10 mil Receiving (Exit)
  • X-ray Source X-Ray Tube, Tungsten Target, Beryllium Window
  • X-ray Tube Voltage 30 kV Constant Potential
  • X-ray Tube Voltage Regulation plus/minus 1% for plus/minus 10% line voltage variation
  • X-ray Tube Current 0 to 5 mA – Adjustable
  • Detector Tube Sealed Proportional
  • Detector Supply 0-2700 VDC Max. (Adjustable)
  • Digital Scaler and Timer Counting Range: 1 to 999,999
  • Timer Range: 1 to 990 seconds
  • Lamps X-Ray On
  • Supply Requirements 115 Volts AC,  60 Hz, 300 Volts
  • Optional 230 Volts, Single Phase, 50 Hz
  • Two-Position Sample Holder
  • Dimensions and Weight: Power Supply 18″ Long, 14″ Wide, 13″ High, 59 lbs.    Probe Head:  12″ Long, 3-1/2″ Wide, 9″ High, 14 lbs.

Included Items:

  • Electric Water Coolant and Circulator
  • Windows®-based Notebook Computer
  • PC Interface and Preinstalled Software