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Parts & Accessories


Portable X-ray Spectographs

Request a list of parts and accessories for Cianflone’s full line of Portaspecs by phone at (412) 787-3600 or (800) 569-9400, or by email at

Electric Arc Button Remelt Furnace (Model 2701X)

Below are consumables and replacement parts for Cianflone’s Electric Arc Button Remelt Furnace. To place an order, contact Cianflone by phone at (412) 787-3600 or (800) 569-9400, or by email at

No.DescriptionItem ID
1Anode Rod “T” Handle Grips5340.326.6
2Pop-Off Valve27.1200-03
3Clear Sight Glass3439.459.1-1
Dark Sight Glass3439.459.2-1
4Tungsten Anode2712
Carbon Graphite Anode2711
Carbon Graphite Bushing2710
5Crucible Lift Assembly27.2122-01
6Brass Plate9530.657.9-1
7Rubber Bellows5340.062.6
8Mirror & Bracket2749
9Vacuum/Argon Selection Valve4820.134.6
10Water Flow Control Valve4820.281.3
11Copper Crucible (1-1/4 Sample Size2713
12Lower Water Cooled Section27.7089-02
13Button Catch Pan8110.112.1
14Protective Cover (set of 2)9330.135.1
15Main Bushing27.8227.02
16O-Ring for Crucible (Top)9320.554.8
Large O-Ring Under Crucible9320.554.7
Small O-Ring Under Crucible9320.554.10
17Universal Tee27.8287-01
18Leveling Feet5120.254.1